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Using to help Saving Grace for Equines, Inc.

You can help us simply by shopping as you normally do online through iGive!  iGive really is as simple as it sounds!   

Just by shopping at any of the 1500+ stores you can donate a percentage of your purchase price to Saving Grace for Equines, Inc. and help us with the significant cost involved in rescuing these magnificent creatures.  Many horses come from the Northeast where they are first rescued from a "kill broker" (for a fee) then they must be boarded in a quarantine facility for 30 days.  Once this is complete, they are seen by a vet, treated for any illnesses or injuries they may have sustained during their time in the "kill pen", they are then shipped to FL where their real recovery begins.  Once here at Saving Grace for Equines, Inc, they begin receiving the care they truly need, whether that be dental work, expensive diagnostics and treatment and shoeing immediately.  Once all of these tasks are done we can truly begin the rehabilitation needed to recover from their horrific ordeal and find their forever home. 

There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees to using this service, just a way to help us while not changing your routine any or adding to your cost!  You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive. It's all automatic!  Neither iGive nor Saving Grace for Equines, Inc. will have access to any of your payment information, the stores that are signed up with iGive handle all of this information protecting you  from any outside sources.  Several of our supporters are currently using iGive as a way to help us keep our doors open so we can save these animals from a horrific, undeserved fate.

Click here to add your iGive button now and begin helping us to help them!


Ways to Use iGive:

Starting at the or sites.
Installing the iGive Button
Installing the iGive App for iPhone, IPad or Android (visit the App Store and search "iGive" - free)
Using links in the iGive Newsletters
Search the Web via

After using an iGive link to the store's website, you shop as you normally would. There are no extra steps, no iGive notifications when making payments.  The donations happen behind the scenes, and often the store's support teams are unaware of the iGive Affiliate Program.    

The surest way to get a donation from Amazon purchases is to use the Amazon link in your iGive Button drop-down, or link to the store directly from the iGive site, 

Create your own list of favorite stores under My Stores. 

NOTE: Use only Deals & Coupons. The use of a non-iGive coupon will void the cause donation. We have direct feeds from the stores providing you with all the latest offers and savings.  All other known exceptions are posted on the stores' detail page.

When you successfully link to an iGive store, a record of it is posted with your Store Visits.

If you see your store visit there, then tracking is working, and each transaction you make will be reported for a donation to your cause! (you may need to refresh the page.)